Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2nd batch of SC applicator

Here's the list of the 2nd batch of SC applicator order:
1. Catt + add. tips
2. Fateen
3. Zila
4. Aliza + add. tips
5. Norazilah + add. tips
6. Ana
7. Lynn - 2 + 2 sets of add. tips
8. Miza - 2 + 1 set add. tips
9. Kimi + add. tips
10. Mc ti + add. tips

Those yg nak order, pls submit order by Tues the 2nd of Feb at 5 pm. After this, the price will be higher due to shipping charges.

SC applicator order book is officially closed. Thx ladies, for ur quick response!

Ladies yg dlm list ni, do u want the tip ss12 n cluster tip? These do not come in the pack, yg dlm pack ada 8 tips altogether. If so, pls email me with RM10 deposit ye. The price is RM35. Last call Thursday at 5pm. Ni if u nak I order next time, price may be more than RM50 due to shipping it back alone. This batch nnti akan menumpang brg2 I yg lain, so kira almost no shipping cost frm US to Msia.

Sorry, last call is Wednesday, at 5pm, not Thursday. Pls take note!

Additional tips
1. Yela
2. Pink
3. Penguin
4. Lieya

Last min order for add. tips, no guarantee but I'll see if I can selit ur order:
1. Ina S
2. Wide
3. Kak Da
4. Fateen
5. Syafinaz


JV Cynosure said...
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JV Cynosure said...

brg dh sampai! pls expect bop email from me. shipping is scheduled on Tuesday. Pls clear bop before tht date.Unless I tak sempat nk send bop email to u.