Sunday, February 21, 2010

Swarovski Crystal Wheel

Here is a crystal wheel already filled with Swarovski crsytals, great way to sample diff colours without having to fork out a lot (fyi, u need to buy a min of 100 pcs outside per colour per size to get anywhere near the price that is offered here!). The crystal wheel is very nifty and handy!Each compartment contains 50 pcs of the following stones:

1. Smoked Topaz ss16
2. Amethyst ss16
3. Light peach ss10
4. Amethyst ss10
5. Light amethyst ss12
6. Ernite ss12
7. Light Siam ss12
8. Jonquil ss12
9. Chrysolite ss12
10. Clear crystals ss12
11. Sapphire ss12
12. Light rose ss12
13. Crystal wheel : RM15
Total value: RM163
Offer price : RM158. Ideal for those who have just bought the Swarovski crystal applicators. Item comes with free shipping for those who have bought the SC applicators. Only 2 units available. SOLD OUT

1. Penguin
2. Alwani

Pls refer to chart for colours :


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