Friday, February 5, 2010

MTO is temporarily closed!

Dear ladies,

I apologise that I have to close MTO for the time being to make way for existing MTOs. MTOs may be open again in 2 weeks from today. Tudungs yg due next week, terpaksa di push ke following week coz I'm away this weekend, maka tidak dpt ku menjahit ye!

But do get ready for gorgeous jerseys which I may make into readymades. And those yg mmg kenal my workmanship and rasa mcm interested, pls email me ur interest as in the style and size, so I will know generally what's the average mkt wants! Wht I can say...mmg gorgeous2 le jerseys yg akan I make into readymades ni. Cynosure's Exclusive collection pun akan di unveil soon. Heavenly textured jerseys and classy designs n colours.

And for penjahit tudungs, if u wld like get to exclusive jerseys that only u have, pls do email me ur interest. Lengths that I have are between 2.5 - 3ms each.

Okay, until then, enjoy ur weekend!


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