Monday, February 1, 2010

SC applicator Tip ss12 & Cluster Tip

Dear Swarovski Fans,

To those yg dh dpt and tgh order the SC applicator, I dah tried the applicator semlm...very versatile mende tu, I dh tepek some SC kat my kid's hair band, kira nak practise la kan. Hair band yg RM2.50 tu terus leh jadik Evita Peroni yg jual RM40-Rm50 tu!!

Neways, dlm pack yg u all beli, tak de applicator tip for ss12, this is because ss12 ni size yg relatively new for Swarovski, kat KL ni pun tak seme tempat ada ss12, kedai Korea tu pun tak de size ni. So I'm planning to buy the tip separately. Also there's another tip they call the 'cluster tip'. This tip ni abt 18mm lebar, it's round and flat, ni sesuai for when u have a cluster of sc mcm nk buat bunga kecik ke, then u can press all the sc together at one go. I rasa this will be very useful and more convenient bila nak design SC tu kat tudung or mana2 la.

For both of these it's RM35. If u'd like to order, pls email with RM10 deposit by Thursday 5 pm. I may not order this anymore after this. Arrival is expected abt 3 weeks frm Friday.

Until then, berlambak ni nak kena buat....ish!

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