Monday, November 2, 2009

8th Cynosure's Exclusive

Ramai yg tertanya-tanya, bila nak unveil CE lagi. So setelah sekian lama, here's the unveiling of the 8th CE. Open for MTO. Price is RM60 per pc for std-sized tudungs. Pls email for availability. Once order is closed, completion will be within 2 weeks. Pls submit the MTO form with a deposit of RM30 upon confirmation of availability.


Current order book:
1. Mel - TE
2. Miza - Oblong - 0.8m
3. K Sherry - TE
4. Ummuy - Ariana xl
5. Yela - TCT
6. Pink - TCT
7. Pink - Tudung Jakarta
8. Sal - TE

The book is full, order is closed! Thx ladies!


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UmmuY said...

kak,ni lebih kurang macam B&w Anggun tu erk?yang i dah beli tu erk?

JV Cynosure said...

bukan, ni lain sgt dari yg b&w anggun tu. totally different effect.

ummuY said...

nak gak satu,boleh?hehehehehe.

JV Cynosure said...

u nak as oblong? dh lama u mintak oblong, tak sis oder ni as oblong, so i make one for u as well? if u nak labuh skit, 0.8m, RM65..bisa??