Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Updated CML list, etc.


Those yg newbies, if ur not yet in the Cynosure's Mailing List (CML), pls email me with the subject 'Add me in the CML'. And yg nak opt out of the CML, pls email me with the subject 'Pls take me out of the CML'.

Shopping for Stripey Cotton jerseys will be done this weekend also. Those yg nak order, pls submit ur orders by 10pm on Friday.

Yg attend class this weekend, harapnya brg2 dh prepare ek. Mmg kecoh la DIY class this time around, psl most are geng BFT Cari forum, zaman i duk bertengek kat forum tu dulu. Now nak jenguk pun tak sempat dah! So, yg kenal geng2 ni...singgah le umah after 3pm...leh bagi gempak lagi! Jgn lupa bwk something for tea..leh makan2, sambil gelak ketawa, etc! :))


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