Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Recent TCT Project

Some of the TCTs completed over the weekend. More will be posted here soon. Ni yg sempat amik gambar.

This jersey is sold out. I grabbed the last piece, so besides an MTO for a buyer in Trengganu, I have made one TCT for myself and a labuh TCT for my friend Pink. The feel of this jersey is sgt soft.

PJ08, ada lagi kat kedai. It's berkaki, 0.9m per panel.

CJ06 - orange (not yellow, dlm pic sebelum ni mcm yellow)

CJ06 - grey

CJ05 - purple, jersey ni no need bling2 dh...dh ada prinmted bling2 on it. sgt2 dressy bila dh jadi tudung.

Buyer, hope u like them all!:)

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