Sunday, November 22, 2009

Completed MTOs...phewww!!

Some hectic weekend nyiapkan so many MTOs. Rasa cam nak pengsan dah ni! Here are some MTOs completed, these are MTOs for those who sent their orders before and on the 5th of Nov.

Black J1 Mini TE with green/brown corduroy awning

Ish..tersesat lak yg ni...this is not an MTO, it's a raedymade...nnti akan ditepek kat posting Readystock, sapa yg berminat, sila la tgk sana nnti.

Plain black J1 as TE

CJo6 as DeCynosure

Those yg rasa2 dia punya tudung2 ni..get ready with the BOP ek. I will email u ladies tomorrow with the bop, shipping will be done on Tuesday & Wednesday, hope to reach u before Raya Haji. So sapa2 yg terasa akan bercuti awal, pls email me alamat cuti u coz the tudungs will reach u between Wed and Thursday. :)
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