Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lagi MTO

I love this jersey! It is Japanese, I call it Granite. Like most Jap jersey, the stretch is 2-way, instead of 4-way. But the kain is berat and sliding, that the flow sgt2 cun. It's not the clingy type, unlike the normal Korean jerseys. So yg those boobs yg agak heavy, this kind of jersey would be ideal...sbb dia tak melekat, so it won't really define ur curves. I suka la! In the pic, it is made as a TE. The awning is made of the same jersey. Highly recommended!

Bidang 52'', sale ni rege dia RM29 per m.

Alas....Zarinah...ur Raspberry J1 dh siap! Setelah berzaman menunggu...sgt2 susah I nak cari matching TS for this jersey. So finally I had to resort to raw silk...walaupun hati ku memberontak...but mmg dh no choice dah, terpaksa la. At least it looks more like Ariana's alter ego le...hehhehe! So dear, both gorgeous pink n this one will be ready for shipping next week. I sgt2 teringin nak letak SC skit kat awnings tu...boleh ke??? Tak dpt melaram Raya Puasa, dpt le melaram Raya Haji ni! :)
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