Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gorgeous stripey jerseys

I love the colour combi of these jerseys! Unfortunately yg kiri tu berpanel. So agak membazir kain sikit la. Bidang 60''. Gorgeous as oblongs. RM35 per m. U may have to buy abt 0.4 m lagi which akan membazir.

As oblong....testing je ni. Belum tepek awning seme. Cantik sgt di mata ku ini!

I'm going to make 2 pcs of Ariana 11 frm this jersey. Siapa nk...sila email. RM62 per pc. (both have been taken, if any more interest for MTOs, pls submit MTO form but clock for completion will start ticking only from the 14th of Dec, sempat la dpt bonus nnti bila kena buat bop!;)

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