Sunday, December 20, 2009

MTO is temporarily closed, and misc.

Dear ladies,

So sorry but again MTO is closed until end of this year. 1st January 2010, MTO will be opened again ya. Tokeh dh tak mampu nk handle MTOs....sorang order sampai berhelai2...syukur on the trust u have in me to make ur tudungs, but my capacity is limited! Dh a few weeks delivered 20 tudungs a week...rasa dh tak larat nak keep that up...may be when I dh ada full-time workshop, kita leh accept more MTOs. Next year kot, tgk la camana nnti. But if u wish for twin needle or single stitch finishing, MTO will still be accepted.

There will be some readymades released in the next few weeks. So yg tak sempat nak submit MTO, do consider the readymades ya. Mostly will be in size M. And some may be embellished with Swarovski crystals. Size M can always be kecikkan tu size S.

MTOs for Chiffon sets like the CEAEs are also temporarily suspended until further notice...too much time used to make one piece...tak kira tekanan emosi and blood go upstairs lagi! So sad to say...tokeh tak sanggup buat masa ni nk jahit chiffon! Nak nangis every time bila ada org order chiffon CEAE ni! So possibly, MTO for the CEAEs will be opened again on 1st of Feb, 2010. Or earlier than that bila tokeh ada lull in MTOs for tudung biasa ek.

FYI, the J2 B1F1 dh sampai! 53 colours seme...sila refer to samples posted earlier for pics. Shopping kain akan berjalan seperti biasa, rain or shine!

In January nnti I may have some Swarovski crystals which I may be able to sell at lower prices. Limited to certain colours though. So yg nak start ber-SC, tunggu January nnti. Price will vary for orders of 20, 50 and 100 pcs per colour per size. The more u buy, the better the price. Sesuai for my fellow penjahit2 tudung. I now tgh cinta dgn SC ni! But I'm happier if you buy the SC from me and fix them on ur tudungs urself! Tau je la...tokeh masa byk kurang nk tepek SC sebiji2 ni!

Okeh, until the next posting (byk gak gambar tudung nk diupload nnti), keep sewing and looking gorgeous! :)


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