Thursday, December 10, 2009

Recent project

This is Tudung Husna which I have modified a bit so the bahu is not as labuh as the original template. This can be an alternative to TE for those yg nak mcm scallop but labuh. Dia nya scallopy effect to ala2 gentle gitu..tak le berlapis2 mcm the normal TE. And I find dia also easier to wear in a sense that cam ala2 loose gitu...selesa je. And also tak melekap. Suitable for those yg suka tudung labuh. Unfortunately, rege lebih le psl kain yg digunakan byk! :P

Again my fav - Jap Jersey in Granite, as Tudung Husna

Dark brown J1 with Rich Brown Corduroy awning as TE labuh.

P/s Wan..hopefully u like all of the above!


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