Thursday, December 24, 2009

Recent project

I have one readystock as mini TE face size M, RM50. Single stitch finishing psl kain ni lembut for coverstitch.

Readymades available :
1. Ariana, RM52, face size M. Single stitch finishing psl kain too lembut for coverstitch.
2. Ariana 11 , RM54, face size M . Single stitch finishing .

I have one readymade available in TE style, face size M, TS Cynosure awning, RM60.

Readymades available :
1. TE, face size M, price RM60
2. Ariana, face size M, price RM59
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ummuY said...

ready made labuh ada tak?kalau ada, i nak..:) mana2pun tak pe..

JV Cynosure said...

my labuh is not labuh enough for u, dear! :P