Thursday, June 4, 2009

CJs Baru!

The market is seriously bombarded by printed jerseys of various colours and textures. For once, we are spoilt for choice! Tak sempat nak jahit kain yg lama, dh keluar kain yg baru. I've long given up on stocking jerseys for myself...coz my motto is...''there will always be other jerseys!".

But of course I'm partial towards jerseys with limited quantities sold in the mkt...tak mo jln2, sekali tgk dua tiga org pakai tudung frm fabric yg sama!! This is where the plain jerseys win!

Featured here are cotton jerseys. Width 58". RP RM 48.80, ur price RM43. Pls click on the picture for the code.


Pls email for availability. Thx!

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