Thursday, June 18, 2009


Dear ladies,

First and formost, sorry lama no news kat email...psl mmg tak sempat!
I was suppose to mail out all the kain orders today, but when I reached the PO, buka boot keta (psl i got bck frm an appt, terus le bawa keta to the PO), tak de parcels tu semua!! Ish!! Penat I berjaga sampai tgh2 mlm mengepack brg2 u all, leh terlupa nak letak dlm keta...psl I was busy putting some kains in the car, boleh terlupa nak ngangkut plastic bags yg ada parcels tu seme. U all leh imagine how messy my work station is!

So my apologies, tomorrow I will send everything, early in the morning. Those yg tak buat bop, pls do so if u want to catch shipping tomorrow. Those yg bagi address office, sila bagi address rumah, psl brg akan sampai on Saturday.

And tomorrow is shopping day so sapa2 yg nak grab the new jerseys tu, sila submit FE.


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