Monday, June 22, 2009

Sewing project over the weekend

Some of the tudungs that I managed to sew over the weekend. With a course frm 9am - 5.30 pm, then Father's Day dinner itu ini seme, mmg la tak cukup sgt masa nak menjahit!

Hope the owners love their new tudungs!

J1 black with linen awning

J1 turquoise with 6 ply TS

Blue abstract with TS awning. Fabric is NOT sold out at the shop. I hv enough fabric for 1 Tudung CT.

Animal print jersey with double awning.

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jpLafungga said...

Love the stuff here.. gorgeous! :) I don't usually like animal prints, but I must admit that one looks particularly nice...

JV Cynosure said...

im also not into animal prints, but as tudung, cantik jgk jadiknya ek.

seksa nak buat awnings tu...ts and jersey...susah, susah!!