Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gorgeous Printed Jerseys

These are some of the printed jerseys yg terlarat nk upload tonight. Nnti esok akan ku upload yg lain2. Sgt2 cntik these jerseys live esp these first 3 jerseys.Ada 2 lagi jerseys yg berkaki...i dont know what happened to the pics, somehow cam terhilang frm my camera. Akan ku amik lagi gambar nnti ye. Sgt2 cantik...i leh bayang dh if buat oblongs!!

Unfortunately, some of these jerseys esp this first one dh kurus dh roll dia. Semlm aje ada sorg ni beli 20 meters. So I dunno know how long it will be available. Sapa2 yg interested, pls email n submit FE, nnti I book the kain for you.


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Pls double click on the pics to get clearer view of the codenames for the jerseys. Thx!

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