Thursday, June 18, 2009

Recent Project

Some of the tudungs that I managed to take pics of before they were sent to the owner. Mmg kurang masa betul nak amik gambar of tudungs like I used to. Tak cukup kaki tangan dh nak menjahit ni!

I love the one on the cantik live! Fabric is sold out at the store, I may have space for 1 tudung made-to-order. Do email me for availability.


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catalysts11 said...

salam yela

mcm mana u potong kain pink hitam, the first tudung from recent project tu. potong menyerong ke? sb kain tu mcm berjalur kan?

JV Cynosure said...

yg first pic tu oblong tak de issue psl lipat-melipat ni.

but kain mcm ni mmg tak leh potong serong. if u want to get 2 std ariana, u hv to buy 1.2m...lipat 2 memanjang. if u wnt 1 helai biasa, beli 0.7 m aje.

catalysts11 said...

ok yela.
thanks. nampaknya kena buat tudung oblong le kain tu.

JV Cynosure said...

cat..ur kain yg mustard tu ada org nak beli. Boleh ke i let go??