Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4th Cynosure's Exclusive

Salam all!

The order book for the 4th CE is already filled up. I will only know how many many tudungs I will get after I've cut the fabric. If there's extra, I will let u know. You may also email me if u want to be in the waiting list. Thanks very much for the overwheming response!



Anonymous said...

i nak tau detail psl tudung ct tu..



JV Cynosure said...

i've emailed u, thx!

JV Cynosure said...

owners of this CE collection, tudung seme dh siap, nnti monday kita ship out. yg tak buat bop lagi, pls do so asap so u all leh dpt ur tudung by Tuesday.

gambar dh amik seme, but lupa nak bwk the cable pulak hari ni. so mlm ni i upload.

i may hv extra 1 size s of this CE, so if sapa yg interested, pls email me. thx!

JV Cynosure said...
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