Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Closed period for MTO

Dear treasured customers,

Regret to say that we have to temporarily stop taking orders for MTO due to time constraint and under capacity. Since we have just put up the CPC's jerseys for sale, to be fair to our loyal customers, we will only take orders for these jerseys if any until stock lasts.

Cynosure's Exclusive collections will be unveiled once in a fortnight (every 2 weeks). Preview of the jerseys and booking for MTOs will be opened a week before work starts on the respective jerseys. You may still enjoy custom-made tudungs according to your specs.

We have some projects in the pipeline for Cynosure's Exclusive Hari Raya collection. Chiffon silk will be involved in this collection. So, fans of luxuriously soft chiffon silk, pls get ready for this collection. We will only have 2 sets of each colour (or perhaps only 1 coz the tokeh feels like owning each and every colour of this collection!!). The colours of plain chiffon silk will be posted in a week's time, together with the matching anak tudungs. We hope to complete the orders 2 weeks before Hari Raya.

Thank you for your patronage, we hope to be able to take in MTOs again once the Hari Raya frenzy eases (puasa pun belum lagi!!).


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