Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some printed specials!

Dear all,

There are some special deals on some printed jerseys. 2 designs in 5 different colours. Pssst....Mikawah also sells these! The special offer is a one-off deal unless there's more demand for it, akan diusahakan. But for now, ni le the only time to grab it. Tah bila la I akan dpt special offer like this again. So pls refer to email for pics and price of these jerseys.

Order book will be closed at 10 pm tomorrow. I will get the jerseys on Tuesday, shipping will be on Thursday.

Pls sbmit ur orders via FE with 50% deposit.

Those who are not in Cynosure's Mailing List, pls email me so I can add you in. Title of ur email shld state ''Pls add me in CML" (byk betul abbrevations!).



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