Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Among the hasil over the weekend

Among some of the tudungs yg di completekan over the weekend.

3rd Cynosure's Exclusive - Decynosure. Made a total of 16 pcs of tudungs from this fabric - 7 DeCynosure, 5 Ariana, 2 oblongs , 2 TE .

Green palm, Gorgeous pink berkaki, PJ1B - all in Ariana, except yg satu tu...terbuat improvised awning! Owner nak jugak...thx Anna!



sherrie said...

salammm yg grey tu boleh order ke lagi?

JV Cynosure said...

may be in another 2 months, if still ada stock.


leen said...

i nak tgk yg grey tu la dear...

itu half awning ker?? i nak size kecik...(paras dada..)
pls email for avalibility yer laling... :)