Monday, August 31, 2009

4th and 7th Cynosure Exclusive

Finally, the 4th and 7th CE dh almost ready for delivery but not quite yet! Tunggu coverstitch finishing je ni. Give me until next Monday to deliver ye. Tau je la...maid tak de ni...boleh buat kerja bila si kecik u dh selamat ZZZZZZZ je!

4th CE - Fuh! Puas ku cari matching awning, tak jumpa yg sama dgn kaler charcoal jersey ni, so finally I opted for silver yg match dgn bling2 design kat jersey tu. The awning is actually much lighter in colour, silver actually, not dark coloured as shown in the pic. The end result is niceeeee! Pls take note, the jersey is quite fragile, must handle with care. Owners, if u all ada cuticles yg tajam2 tu, sila la gi buat manicure ke hapa...kang tersangkut kat tudung tu...ku tak jamin ek!

7th CE - originally the awning is supposed to be the light blue that matches the jersey, but I found a pink ts that matches the pink design of the jersey and I thot , soooo sweeeett!

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