Monday, August 24, 2009

Polkadot jersey campaign!

Dear all,

The last MTO which I will accept before Raya ni is only from this jersey...the Polkadot CJ with black TS awning. Currently I have 8 pcs of tudungs to be made from this jersey. So sapa2 yg nak nyelit MTO, pls submit MTO-FE wth 50% deposit by latest on Wed at 12 noon, sbb nak beli kain on that day nnti. Weekend ni akan di tepek awning and finishing akan dibuat the following week.Akan di-ship out a week before Raya.

Cynosure Mini : RM55
Mini TE : RM58
DeCynosure/Ariana std & 11/TE : RM60 (value deal! outside of this campaign, usual is RM64)
Tudung Husna, Ariana Labuh, TE labuh : RM70 (value deal! outside of this campaign, usual is RM75)
Awning : Black TS

When u submit ur MTO-TE, pls specify ur specs.



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