Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Template variations

There are some variations in the templates of Ariana and DeCynosure. The ones shown at the background are the latest. Thanks to Hooney who was kind enough to draw the templates for me, semoga semakin maju business dia!! :)

DeCynosure 11- slightly shorter in front, but longer at the back, and less keruk on the shoulders. Can be pinned at the nape of the neck for those who like all this pinning business.
Cynosure prefers the old cutting better when it comes to the shoulder part but prefer the new one when it comes to the shorter front.

Ariana 11 - ever so slightly longer at the front, much longer and less rounded at the back, and more labuh at the shoulders. Ideal for those who like to pin their tudungs at the nape of the neck.
Cynosure prefers the ori Ariana shorter front, and don't fancy the shoulder part at all of the both ori and new templates!

We now provide the new cuttings for our MTOs, pls specify in ur MTO form. If only Ariana or DeCyno is stated, we would assume you are referring to the ori templates.

We also cater to mini TE now, the tudung rests on the chest.

P/s Pls don't ask me to sell the templates, do come over to the house and copy them urself, FOC aje!

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Kerlipan Amila Nur said...


Nak tanya 2 questions:

1. Ada tak u buat tudung size L? Or ada tak u buat size M tp jenis yg boleh adjust utk besarkan sikit?

2. Yang ni just my suggestion - apa kata u buat slide show /photo gallery utk sumer tudung2 u? I rasa lg sng nak refer kot... ;)

Anyway, congrats sgt coz i've been following your blog since awal2 dulu lg..u've reached satu tahap yg sgt membanggaka! Keep it up! :)

JV Cynosure said...

Wkum salam! Thx for following our progress!

If Size L u refer to versi labuh, yes we do! Mostly Ariana,TE and Tudung Jakarta. But soon we will unveil Tudung Husna, smething like TE, but not quite. Once dh siap tudung ni, kita akan post it here. The namesake owner pun dh tak sabar nak tgk tudung dia tu!

As for the slideshow, I think my good friend Bbpie dh installed one on the upper left side of the blog.

Another way to see all the tudungs by clicking on the labels Sample DIY, Readymades, and Ready Stocks.

Thx for the feedback!

jajagurlz said...

salam hi say anak juge ukuran tudung tue.. cemana saya nak dapat?

bbpie said...

makcik, jaja nye soklan tuh valid gak. any way to compile the sizes/specs to order? i can put it up as sticky under "how to order"

JV Cynosure said...

bb..pls check ur gmail, thx!