Tuesday, August 4, 2009

6th Cynosure's Exclusive

This is the jersey for the 6th Cynosure's Exclusive. The colour may differ due to lighting. The jersey looks much better live. Pics just don't do justice to the fabric. Unfortunately, not many left, ada yg dtg tgk, dh book awal2. I may have enough fabric for 2 more std Ariana/DeCynosure. Pls email for availability.

The jersey will go with this TS which is goldish brown. It's versatile, can go with many outfit colours....cream, black, brown, mustard, orange, sienna, yellow, red....mcm2 kaler la!

Price is RM60 for std size (Ariana, DeCynosure). For other sizes, price may differ.
I'm not sure how many I will get, but pls email if you are interested. I may put you on the waiting list.



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ummiammar said...

hi u, confirm my order ye for this CE. nanti I submit FE k

JV Cynosure said...

cepat2 hantar FE ummi.

ummiammar said...

dah submit...

JV Cynosure said...

noted, thx!

JV Cynosure said...
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