Friday, August 28, 2009

Cynosure's Exclusive Aidilfitri Edition - Part 1

Finally, here are the colours for the CE Aidilfitri Edition. The inner tudung will be made frm either J1, J2 or Japanese jersey. The awning will be simply embellished with Korean stones. The outer tudung will be made from chiffon silk, the sekeliling hujung tudung will be decorated with viney Korean stones. Swarovski stones will be put at random on the body of the tudung. The outer tudung shld look sweet and elegant. Price quoted is for a set that consists of inner and outer tudungs.

CEAE 01 (J2) - RM167 per set
2 sets available

CEAE 02 (Jap) - RM173 per set
2 sets available

CEAE 03 (J1) - RM180
1 set - booked by Pink
1 set - booked by Yuana

CEAE 04 (J2) - RM167 per set\
1 set booked by Farah\
1 set available

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