Monday, August 10, 2009

Recent project

This is a set, an anak and Tudung CT from crepe chiffon silk with some viney bling2. The dolly has no shoulders hence cant see the drapey effect of the Tudung CT. There's a reason why this type of tudung is pricey...susah ya amat nak handle chiffon silk! Yana..hope u'll like it. It's not exactly cream...more off-white. If tak mo, tak pe, kita open for sale nnti.

Stripey blingy cotton jersey with dark brown TS made into an oblong, dlm pic nmpk cam hitam. it is!

My ever patient customer's tudungs...dear Elya, finally dh ready for shipping ni! Pegasus buat hal. Because of that, backlog gila2 my tudung project. Lagi laju if I use twin needle aje! Minta maaf sgt2 to all yg mengorder... tgh love-hate realationship dgn monster sebijik ni! :(
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