Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gorgeous Sets

Here are some gorgeous sets for you to consider.

Apple green jersey with denim awnings SOLD OUT
The jersey colour is actually apple green, but sini keluar cam yellow. the colour is slightly softer than the apple green on the blue denim. Mmg sgt2 cun!!
Apple green jersey - 1 mtr - RM34
Denim awnings - RM6 per pc
Sweet pink jersey with purplish pink denim awning Sold Out
The colours shld be pinkier than shown in the pic.
Sweet pink jersey - 1 mtr - RM34
Purplish pink denim - RM6 per pc
Pink bata jersey with velvet roses awning- only 1 set available SOLD
J1 pink bata - 1 mtr - RM40
Velvet awning - RM4 per pc (only 6 pcs available)
Sweet pink jersey with Pink stripes cotton awning SOLD OUT
Sweet pink jersey - RM34 - 1 mtr
Pink stripes cotton awning - RM4 per pc (only 3 available)
Turquoise jersey with polkadots cotton awning SOLD OUT (but J2 jersey is available)
J2 turquoise - RM35 per mtr
Cotton awning - RM4 per pc (only 5 pc available)
Beige jersey with tiny flowers cotton awing
Beige jersey - RM34 - 1 mtr
Cotton awning - RM4 (only 5 pcs available)

Pls email for availability.
Happy shopping, ladies!!


syafinaz abd rashad said...

kak, eenaz jadik ambik set pink tue yer..utk kelas DIY nanti (sabtu nie)...

JV Cynosure said...

set pink yg mana? i dh lupa...yg sweet pink dgn what awning again??