Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Plain jerseys

The jerseys look and feel between J1 and J2. All are going for RM34 per meter and are all cut in 1-mtr pieces. They are open for sale to all!

Sweet pink - SOLD OUT
Plummish pink - SOLD OUT
Pale dirty pink - SOLD OUT

Dark purple - SOLD OUT
Dark green - SOLD OUT
Dark berry - SOLD OUT
Maroon - 1 available

Light skin colour - 5 available SOLD OUT
1. ninie
2. maksu
3. anom
4. nciklimah
5. syafinaz

Beige - 2 available SOLD OUT
1. ninie
2. syafinaz

Skin colour - 3 available sold out
1. ninie
2. syafinaz
3. maksu

Pls email for availability. Immediate payment is required. If you need awnings to go with the jerseys, pls mention in ur email and state ur preferences. I will do my best to find the awnings for u.

Happy shopping, ladies


cikpon79 said...

yela....nak tanya yg light skin colour tu & skin colour tu which one similar coklat muda ekk...i tengah cari coklat muda nie...

JV Cynosure said...

dua2 bukan coklat muda. u kan ada semlm...tak perasan ye colour jerseys ni?

cikpon79 said...

i ingat nie kain from japan hehehe...lgpun smlm duit ada rm200 rm185 pejam mate jerlah utk kaler lain..huhu...i nak cari awning material denim....u punyer dah sold out kan...

JV Cynosure said...

ha ah..sold out dh. kain beli kat jakarta, but the kain was imported from japan, tu yg i panggil japanese jersey tu.

Harrafyelza said...

ala..plumish pink tuh cantiknyeee