Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some sets for you to consider

Some printed jersey sets for you to consider.

Blue brown floral with light blue TS SOLD OUT

Cotton-jersey - 1 mtr
TS - rm6

Blue brown floral with sweet pearly TS SOLD OUT

Cotton jersey - 1 mtr - RM36 (2 available)
TS - RM6

Blue turquoise brown jersey with light blue TS (1 set only) SOLD OUT

Cotton-jersey - 1 mtr - RM36
TS - RM6

Dark green JJ with some TS matchings - SOLD OUT

Yg green stripe awning ni in real live, leh masuk dgn dark green jersey tu, kat dlm pic colour dia lari sikit.
JJ- RM34 - 1 mtr (2 available)
TS - RM6 per pc

Pls email for availability before submitting Format Mail. Thx!

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