Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ready-made Tudungs

I have some ready-made tudungs for sale.
1.Brown printed Ariana (M) - RM57 -2 pcs available. SOLD

2. Black check 6 ply Ariania - RM55. Available in :
1. Body size M, face size L - 1 pc - SOLD
2. Size M - 3 pcs - 1 sold, 2 available

3. Polkadots cotton jersey, the body is between anak and size S, face is M. Hujung tudung is jahit tepi halus. Full Lyd's awning. Cute gorgeous little piece! RM45. - SOLD

Pls submit format email to purchase. Thanks!


odah said...

berminatlah tudung pink tu n i nak starter kit gak...i ada email kat u
tp tak sure ampai ke tak

so leh cite skit apa yg patut ---
mak budak br belajar


JV Cynosure said...

tudung pink mana odah?? i tak dapat ur email pun. write me again kat jvcynosure@gmail.com.

for SK, u tgk2 kat DIY Tudung...seme berkenaan dgn ni ada kat situ.

ask me first for the availability of the kain u want, if all is well, baru submit format email dgn payment.

format email can be found atas shoutbox tu. thx for asking!!:)

JV Cynosure said...
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